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At Occam Group, our team is committed to the productivity of your business. We see Project & Portfolio Management and Cloud Solutions as two sides of one powerful coin that can play a transformational role in helping your business achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Cloud Services

    Our Cloud Strategy and Optimization Practice Group will help you establish a secure and powerful cloud strategy, and then optimize the implementation to achieve your desired balance of flexibility and cost savings.


    Private, Public, & Hybrid; we have designed and managed them all.


    Let us help you harness the power of the Cloud.






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  • PPM Solutions

    Nothing is more important than delivering on your most innovative and strategically aligned projects, and yet, many organizations struggle to do just that. Data suggests that most organizations deliver only between 8% and 28% of strategic initiatives.


    We have multiple ways to help you solve this challenge.


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About US

We believe that unnecessary complexity is the enemy of productivity. In fact, we are so committed to the idea, we named our company after it. The Principle of Occam’s Razor states, “Given equal explanatory power, the simpler theory is more likely to be correct.” Since 2000, Occam Group has helped customers drive business strategy using technology as a force multiplier to create a sustainable competitive advantage. We generate solutions and deliver optimal results for our clients by creating high-value wins around Project & Portfolio Management and Cloud Services. At our very core, we are committed to our clients’ productivity and help deliver innovative projects on time and on budget.


Occam Values

We take our values seriously. We live into them daily, report on them, keep score by them, and hold each other accountable to them. They are who we are and how we do business both internally and with our customers and partners.

  • CommunityWin 4

    Creating genuine win - win solutions is admirable, but at the Occam Group we strive to go beyond the vendor - consumer and product - services based

    view of win -win.  We consider the label ‘’vendor’’ to be an indication that we have failed to partner to our standard of creating shared success.  We are always looking

    for solutions that improve the lives of our clients, our company, our employees and our community.  Our commitment to this principle is absolute and

    if we can not create value we will not engage in a win - lose scenario.

  • Results OrientedOutcome Driven

    We believe that focusing on the outputs and outcomes, rather than the inputs is critical to creating meaningful and lasting results for our clients, our company, our employees

    and our community.  In our view, results need to be defined, benchmarked, measured, analysed and reported before they become real.  In order to achieve this standard,

    every member of our team works together in a Management by Outcome approach, that ensures maximum impact for the resources applied

  • CommunicationTruth & Candour

    We believe that personal and organizational honesty and integrity are table stakes in life and business.  Know - don’t guess.  A determined pursuit of truth, followed by a willingness

    to have courageous conversations creates real trust that withstands the test of time.  Every member of our team digs into issues to understand their root causes, core truths, governing

    dynamics and environmental factors.  We expect clear and complete communication of choices and their consequences without shading the truth or holding back.

  • Creative AnswersSynthesis

    We value and wrestle with the big ideas, because most of the best solutions lie at the intersection of two competing ideas, unfortunately, so does mediocrity.

    We believe mediocrity is the result of compromise and capitulation, while great solutions require creativity, innovation and synthesizing the best of competitive alternatives.

    Even the most brilliant solutions will fail to produce results if they are not executed well.  Every member of our team is committed to continuous improvement and flawless execution.

    Sometimes that requires a commitment to the path of maximum resistance and we step into that when needed.  Brilliant ideas, executed brilliantly.

  • Meeting ChallengesEliteness

    Quality is more important than quantity.  We require that every member of our team is fiercely competitive and committed to the goal of being elite.  That means

    setting aggressive goals for personal and professional development and being a life - long learner.  As a team we hold ourselves up against the toughest competitors

    and measure ourselves against the most challenging industry benchmarks.  When we fail to measure up to that standard we make the commitments needed to meet the challenge.

  • Keeping FaithLoyalty & Teamwork

    We believe that extraordinary results are only achievable with the combined efforts of a complementary, multi-disciplinary team.  We jealously guard our shared

    and individual professional reputations, and we all commit to protecting each other.  Every member of the team is expected to actively enhance the productivity

    of the team and if an issue or problem is discovered it will be quickly communicated  to everyone impacted.  We demand loyalty to the team and teammates as the price of

    membership in our culture. If you can’t keep faith with your team, then ‘’ring the bell’’.


Providing solutions to ensure your business's production and profitability is our core mission. We like hearing from you!


Thank you for trusting us with the growth of your business.

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Contact Us

We'd like to hear from you, here are a few ways to get in touch with us.


       6600 France Ave South

       Suite #425

       Minneapolis, MN  55435

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We think highly of our clients, providing solutions to ensure your business's production and profitability is our core mission.   We like hearing from you!


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