We leverage the latest virtualization and management innovations to improve performance, increase efficiency, and streamline your cloud control. We use your business strategy to define your cloud strategy, and build a unified framework to manage public, private, hybrid, and on-premise resources.


You can automate basic tasks and approvals to optimize performance monitoring, security, and contingency planning. We reduce complexity and maximize effectiveness to bring enterprise-class capabilities to businesses of any size.




    Many providers make you choose a cloud platform. We don’t. We have designed, deployed, and managed public, private, and hybrid solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. Let us help you design a cloud solution that supports your business strategy.


    Azure has developed into the most open and flexible public cloud platform on the market today. We can help you maximize the impact of this transformational technology for your environment.



    Designing the right architecture is critical to the long term success of your cloud strategy. Most providers focus solely on the functional and financial requirements of the architecture. At Occam Group we also pay special attention to the non-functional requirements like automation, data governance, and security models. Let us help you build your roadmap to successful cloud strategy.

  • OFFICE 365

    Get Office 365 with your choice of a monthly or annual subscription. This is a huge money saver and provides robust productivity for on-the-go workers. All the apps we've come to love are included as well as a few perks! With Occam securing your work in the cloud, you can't go wrong with a shift to Office 365. Now this is power!



    System Center is an incredibly powerful tool that many shops have used to drive down IT cost.  Many also find it intimidating to get going with.  Why not let the Occam Group work with you to avoid all the pitfalls that drain time and money?  A best practices based implementation based on hard won experience will almost certainly drive you to a smoother endpoint.



    Whether you have fifty thousand mailboxes or five, Exchange and Exchange Online are the communications platforms that provide the mobility, collaboration, and security features you need. Our team has designed and managed Exchange for large global banks and Exchange Online for three-person marketing companies. Let us help you next!



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